Try The World

My eldest son and I have a penchant for trying new food from other countries.  I managed, successfully, to pass on my love of other languages, food, and cultures to him.  What a treat to know someone who enjoys the same things as you, but understands your excitement of the unknown.

For his 17th birthday, he was desperate to try new snacks.  I looked for stores in the area, and most are in New York City, which is only 90 minutes away.  Sounds great, huh?  But it involves planning due to weather, extracurricular activities, mood and finances.  We are planning this, but due to his homework level, I have had to find other options.

This has led me to Try The World.  A new company designed to bring the world to your house.  Each customer becomes a subscriber, for one month or 3, 6 or 12, and you will receive a package in the mail.  There are two options.  One option is the where they send you ingredients from a specific country, for example, Argentina.  Inside this package would be culinary delights that are from this country.  Each month is different and a surprise!  So, it’s like your birthday every month!  The other option is the snack box.  Inside you will receive six snacks from different countries.

My son received the Snack Subscription.  In his first box, he received chocolate truffles from France, Prawn chips from England, cookies from Sweden, Thai snacks, Italian crackers.  He was very excited and enjoyed all of it.  He is patiently waiting for his next box.


So, if you are looking for something different to get a food lover, try this out.  Truly, it is a delicious experience.



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