German Baking

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My eldest son, since he was 4, has always wanted to learn to speak German.  Now, at 17, he is in his third year of German, and just a few months ago, he went on a trip to German, Austria, Lietchenstein and Switzerland.  So, when my birthday arrived in October, I received an Amazon gift card.  I decided I would get “Classic German Baking” by Luisa Weiss.

When I get a cookbook that is regional or international, I like someone who has a foot in both worlds.  Someone that understands that area as a native, but can explain to someone who does not understand their food.  Weiss is perfect for this job as she is German American and lives in Berlin.

German baking is more complicated than American baking.  I can basically make a recipe just by looking at the ingredients, but with German baking, their techniques are different.  I don’t say this to intimidate anyone, but to just warn you in case you venture on this path.

As with any foreign cuisine, the ingredients can be a bit different.  For example, Weiss prefers European butter.  Most grocery stores do carry this, you just have to keep your eyes open.  European butter has a higher fat content, which means less water content.  Also, she explains how to substitute “quark” if you can’t find it, which I cannot.

So far, we have attempted three recipes and all were gobbled up in one day.  I was even told this morning by my husband that i am no longer allowed to bake until he loses some weight.




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