Book Review: Steeped

Recipes Infused With Tea by Annelies Zljderveld

“Steeped: Recipes Infused With Tea”

A nice book dedicated to tea lovers filled with how to steep properly, descriptions of the variety of teas and enticing recipes.

The writer successfully shares her passion for tea in this little gem.  A food blogger and enpassioned tea enthusiast, the author explains how her love of tea began.  Several years of passion, experimentation and love has created this cute cookbook.

The recipes are fresh, exciting and modern.  Although, the recipes are easy even for a novice, these recipes are designed for special occasions as most cooks would find making their own mayonnaise, for example, overwhelming.  For someone, like myself, that enjoys making things without using packaged products, this book is that delightful.

Beautiful photography! I realize food photography can be very expensive, but more pictures would have been delightful.


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