Egging You On

“Eggnog.” Just saying it is as much fun as drinking it. Maybe it’s all those “g” sounds; could be the rum, too. Whatever the reason, ’tis the season to combine eggs, cream, sugar and some of the finest spirits from your liquor cabinet into a rich, tasty wintertime drink.

Eggnog, by the way, is a hand-me-down from Merry Old England’s upperclass. (Nog is a British slang for a strong ale; eggs, well, are eggs.) And interestingly, too, New Jersey was once a big a egg producer, and still has some poultry farms, like the family-owned Puglisi Egg Farm Inc. in Howell, that supply supermarkets and roadside stands across the Garden State.

So while you fill your noggin with that bit of trivia, here are some tempting noggy recipes and smart eggy tips.

A fresh egg has a high water content, making it heavy. It will rest lengthwise at the bottom of a pan filled with water. If the egg floats, it’s stale, thanks to a high air content. Toss it out.

Eggs are best stored in their carton on a refrigerator shelf, away from strong-smelling foods, such as garlic or onions. Eggs will stay fresh for four to five weeks in that location.

– Text and Recipes by Jennifer A. Wickes


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