Thoughts on Marketing Cat Food

I, sometimes, get these thoughts in my mind…and I just have to share.

This morning, I went to feed my three very hungry cats. You would think that they had not been fed in weeks with they way they meow and circle my legs every morning. To keep the two younger cats away from our senior kitty, I put some canned food into each bowl.
This morning, the can I selected was Mixed Grill. I immediately started thinking…what is that? It’s as if the cat food company wants to humanize my feline family by choosing these sanitized names. Mariner’s Catch. That sounds like something off of a 5-star restaurant’s menu where you and your loved one go to celebrate your annivesary.
I was thinking…what if I contacted the company and suggested a few names. Being my cats go outside (not by my choice, I must add – I volunteered to be the Goddess of Litterbox Scooping but it was vetoed by my husband), I think the names need to be a little more appropriate. So, some of my ideas would be:
For the fish loving catsWater Wonderland. Imagine the look on your cat’s face as he faces a body of water loaded with fish. He would love to just get in there and start playing!
For the country catFarmyard Frenzy. That is what would happen if you let my cats loose on a farm.
For the suburban cat – Backyard Bonanza. Complete with their favorites: squirrel, vole, chipmunks, you name it.
And for the exotic catSerenghetti Slaughterhouse. This would be for the cats with food allergies that need to consume exotic proteins for their delicate systems.
With these canned cat food titles, any husband would be proud to pick up cat food. You can picture them at the grocery checkout, with their shoulders held back…their chests puffed out and that oh-so deeper than normal voice stating the facts: “My cat loves Serenghetti Slaughterhouse. It’s his favorite.”

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Marketing Cat Food

  1. >Oh you are too funny…I don't have a cat but I have thought the same about dog foods…actually when I started reading the article I thought you were going to make homemade food for your feline friends. I usually think that whatever the pet food companies put in those cans cant be that nutritious or healthy. But I suppose I'm asking for trouble to have to start cooking for the pets as well as the humans in my house…my job would never end!Yikes…

  2. >LOL! even 'I' would buy them if these were their names! yeah, my hubs too, won't buy the 'girls' food…that's another thing on my to-do list. but that's ok, they're all worth it to me, so I don't mind :-)mariannakeough at

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