Grasshopper Pie from Gini

Rummaging through my mother’s recipe box, is like going through someone’s junk drawer.  My mother’s house was immaculate, she dressed impeccably, hair and make-up divine.  So, it would surprise most of you to know that her recipes…were not.  I found meat dishes in the dessert section, soups in salads.  In fact, I recall helping her organize her recipes numerous times.  In any case, I found this one.  It was part of a letter that her cousin, Gini, sent her:

Friday, July 25th [no year]

Querida “Juana”, [Spanish: Dear Joan]

Thank you for your very prompt letter.  I am glad you had a pleasant trip back.  The weather here has been really awful ever since you left!  Yesterday was quite cool and overcast, but I bundled up the children, made sandwiches and took them to Jones Beach!

Bueno [Well], here is the recipe for that dessert…

Grasshopper Pie

1 cup crumbled Nabisco chocolate wafers
3 tsp confectioners’ sugar
1/2 stick melted butter [1/4 cup]

Mix well and press into pie pan.


Melt 25 large marshmallows cut into bites and 2/3 cup milk.

Refrigerate and when cool add slight less than 1/4 cup creme de menthe and 1/4 cup creme de cacao.

Fold in 1/2 pint of whipped heavy cream. [1 cup]

Pour into pie shell and freeze.

Hope you enjoy it. 

Love to you all,



3 thoughts on “Grasshopper Pie from Gini

  1. >This is just such a classic! along with the lovely pink Brandy Alexander Pie these were all the rage at Ladies parties for all occasions. and everyone wore gloves! cool post! best from Montecito, CA

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