Christina Soong-Kroeger, Australian Writer

(1) What got your interested in your line of work?

Well, I have 3 lines of work:

a) My writing. I’ve always loved writing and reading – it’s how I make sense of the world. I currently contribute to Sumptuous Magazine, which showcases the best of South Australia’s food and wine, and have previously been published in the China Daily, That’s Shanghai, SH Weekly, Arts Hub, Rip It Up, dB and On Dit.
b) my food blog, The Hungry Australian. I have always been madly, passionately, crazy about food so a food blog was possibly inevitable.
c) my marketing/fundraising/events work. Previously, I ran the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, which helps Australians doing business with China. I fell into marketing when I joined a singing group and became its publicist because I wanted to help get the word out about what we were doing. I love getting people involved and engaged.
Christina Soong-Kroeger
(2) What are the advantages of your line of work?
So many! It’s challenging, dynamic, interesting and rewarding. I love what I do.
(3) What are the disadvantages of your line of work?

You’re never done and there are never enough hours in the day. But I like it like that.

(4) If someone wanted to do what you, what do you recommend?
Volunteer for local not for profit groups to gain experience. Start writing for local street magazines or your university newspaper. Write every day. Do the best you can in every job you have.
(5) Is there a cookbook, food magazine, website that you feel depicts the food of your country accurately? Is there a key person in your culture that you can name?
(6) Can you suggest any traditional music or perhaps recommend some popular music that is native of your country?
Interesting Australian bands at the moment include Cut Copy, The Underground Lovers (who have just released a great Best Of album) and Panics.

(7) Is there a movie you can recommend that shows your country? Perhaps, one that was based on your local history, or one that was just filmed there.
Red Dog was a recent release that was very popular while Samson and Delilah won numerous international film awards.
(8) Can you recommend any travelogues or travel books that could better educate readers of your country?
Bill Bryson’s ‘Down Under’ is a few years old now but still very entertaining and informative.

(9) Is there any other information you would like to share about your area of expertise?
Australia has amazing produce and an enormous variety of different foods and cuisines. We’re extremely lucky here. And we love visitors 🙂
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