Lisa Watson, Newspaper Editor in Falkland Islands

I would like to introduce you to Lisa Watson.  She is the Editor to Penguin News, the only newspaper in the Falkland Islands, which is a British colony off the coast of Argentina.

(1) What got your interested in your line of work?

I studied English Literature in the UK (the Falklands Government funds
Falklands’ students to continue their higher education in the UK as
education only reaches GCSE level in the Islands) and on my return to the
Falklands was invited to join the Penguin News team – I’ve work elsewhere
since but returned to the newspaper recently.

Editor’s Comments: I understand.  When I grew up in Bermuda, there were no universities, so once we completed our GCEs/GCSEs many students went to the UK or Canada.  Some of us went to the USA.  (GCSE is equal to a US high school diploma)

(2) What are the advantages of your line of work?

Being obliged to keep up with local politics and everything else happening
locally – its a vibrant community and it means I feel very much part of it
all. Also I’ve always preferred to work with a small team – we’re good pals
as well as colleagues. Also visiting journalists see us as first point of
call, we have friends all around the world as a result.

Penguin News staff, Falkland Islands by Kristian Bircanin

(3) What are the disadvantages of your line of work?

I write a weekly editorial which takes tongue in cheek potshots at the
establishment – the problem is you run into those same people in the
supermarket most days – I’ve been known to duck behind supermarket shelves
to avoid embarrassment

(4) If someone wanted to do what you, what do you recommend?

Get work experience EARLY and decide if you like it before choosing your
degree/further education. You have to be a confident, lively person with
plenty of imagination and enthusiasm in terms of seeking out stories on a
slow news week.

(5) Is there a cookbook, food magazine, website that you feel depicts the
food of your country accurately?  Is there a key person in your culture that
you can name?

Falkland Islands and recipe book – ‘Natural Ingredients
– Taste of the Falklands’ by Julie Bellhouse & Alex Olmedo
and Cooking the
Falkland Island Way by  Tim Simpson
but available from: Falkland Islands
Tourist Board. DVD: Falkland Islands: a natural kingdom by Philip Lovel &
the Falkland Islands Tourist Board

Falkland Islands' Christmas Barbecue

(6) Can you suggest any traditional music or perhaps recommend some popular
music that is native of your country?

Falkland Islanders listen to all types but traditionally we were a farming community and relied very much in the
past on using horses for sheep work, hence a widespread love of country
music with some Scottish folk thrown in (many Islanders are descended from Scots).

(7) Is there a movie you can recommend that shows your country?  Perhaps, one that was based on your local history, or one that was just filmed there.

Falkland Islanders at War (history channel) a film based on Grahm Bound’s
book Falkland Islanders at war but also a small piece that can be found on youtube called ‘Falklands

(8) Can you recommend any travelogues or travel books that could better
educate readers of your country?

A Visitors Guide to the Falklands by Debbie Summers (Falklands Conservation)

Your name: Lisa Watson

Your website(s)

Thanks, Lisa!

© 2011 Jennifer A. Wickes All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced without written consent from the author.


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