Restaurant Review: Revolutionary Lounge

Revolutionary Lounge, 1776 Hooper Avenue, Toms River, NJ 08753, 732-608-7819, Facebook


On Friday, November 4th, Lori and I made our way to the Revolutionary Lounge for lunch.  She had been the week prior, but an unfortunate fender bender prevented me from joining her.

Revolutionary Lounge is located on Hooper Avenue in Silverton.  If you are headed southbound, pass McDonald’s and it is on the right.  If you are headed north, pass the WaWa and take the jughandle after you pass Mcdonald’s.  It is located in a small strip mall on the right side of the building.

There is parking in front of the business.

The interior had richly colored walls with local art for sale.  They also played some super cool music while we were there too.  There are tables, as well as a couch area with a coffee table and numerous books, and outdoor seating too.

They had a bakery display case with biscotti, danishes, muffins and cookies in it.  The menu offered breakfast foods, lunch and dinner with food for omnivores, vegetarians and vegans.  The coffee provided was fair trade, organic and extremely delicious.

The Revolutionary Lounge want to set an example of how local food should be made: healthy, affordable and local.  Plus, with reservations taken, space for groups, catering available and delivery, they have made it easier for you, the consumer to enjoy great food and a descent price.

The staff was friendly and helpful.  They presented my grilled vegetable pita quickly.  It was hot and delicious. My pita was presented to me like a pizza filled with flavor, and I left feeling satisfied and not guilty.

Even our little eating companion enjoyed his stay.  At 19-months, he was captivated by the wall art, enjoyed the tunes and loved their pita chips. He enjoyed noshing at the table (as there were no high chairs) like a big boy.

Having lived in California, I recall so many places like the Revolutionary Lounge and it was the one thing my husband and I missed about moving to New Jersey.  Now, we can enjoy again, here, in the heart of Ocean County!  This establishment is a wonderful addition to the Toms River dining scene and if more people visit, the potential for this gem has no limits!


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