The Jersey Shore: Atlantic City to Cape May

Title: The Jersey Shore: Atlantic City to Cape May

Subtitle: Includes the Wildwoods

AuthorJen A. Miller

Photography:  Jen A. Miller

Publisher: The Countryman Press

Miller is a New Jersey native that loves her state.  She travels around New Jersey and writes about it for all to learn of this wonderful state.  Her writing can be found in the New York Times, the Philadelphia Enquirer and more.

There are some great photographs here. Some are taken by the author, others were donated and some are fantastic historical photos of a time since passed.

Countryman Press is well-known for their travel guides, as well as biking, hiking and fishing guides for local areas.  The Jersey Shore is part of their Explorer’s Guides series.

I have lived in 4 states and two different countries.  When I left California, everyone warned me about New Jersey.  After living here for 10 years, I can definitely say, New Jersey is under-rated.  This is a beautiful state with so much to offer.  Many people assume all of New Jersey is like the television show, as well as some sort of smog-filled gutter.  Miller shows us here that New Jersey is a fantastic place to visit and live.  This book covers local history, where to stay, where to eat, as well as the fun that can be had on the Jersey Shore.  Whether you like shopping, museums, casinos, music, amusement parks or the beach, the Jersey Shore has it for you.

This book is excellent for travellers as well as locals who want to know their state better.


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