Review: On a Stick

Title: On a Stick

Subtitle: 80 Party-Perfect Recipes

AuthorMatt Armendariz

Photography:  Matt Armendariz

Publisher: Quirk Books

Armendariz is a food lover, photographer and idea master.  His work has appeared in numerous national publications such as Bon Appetit, Everyday Food and Epicurious, to name a few.  He recently photographed The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches, which was a huge success.

Quirk Books has a place in my heart as they like to provide readers with excellent reference books, for example, The Field Guide to…Cookies; Meat; Produce; Seafood; Herbs and Spices…and many more. This book falls into another one of their wonderfully complete cookbooks.

This book is packed with ideas for serving food on skewers, sticks and the such for parties and gatherings.  At first, when thinking of food on a stick, one pictures corn dogs, ice pops and lollipops, but this book is that but so much more! Some of my favorite recipes are: Scotch Eggs, Elote, Cocktail Cubes (frozen drink on a stick), Fruit Salad, Tofu Tod and Lamb Souvlaki.  Complete with international recipes, easy creative presentation ideas to make any party complete.

This book is an excellent addition to any collection!


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