Product Review: Pure Indian Foods’ Ghee

To make ghee, or clarified butter, start with unsalted butter. Melt it until three layers are visible: a foamy, watery layer; a solid butter layer; and a milk solids layer. When the milk solids and watery layer are removed, all that is remaining is clarified butter, otherwise known as ghee.

Unlike regular butter, ghee has a higher smoke point, which means you can cook ghee at a higher temperature before it begins to smoke. It has no trans-fats, no salt and no additives. The flavor is more intense. And the best thing, because the milk solids have been removed, ghee can be kept in your pantry and not the refrigerator, even after you have opened the jar!

Indians have used ghee for thousands of years. In Ayurvedic medicine, ghee can help with digestion, ulcers, constipation, healthy eyes and skin. It has been said to aid in memory retention and is found in beauty aids in India. Used topically, it can speed the healing of burns and blisters. The vitamins present in clarified butter are antioxidants. Also, there is a higher concentration of butyric acid, a fatty acid containing anti-viral properties. It is lactose free.

Of course, ghee is from butter, so it is a saturated fat with approximately 110 calories per tablespoon. Working with this information, you can be happy to know that the flavor of the clarified butter is far more intense than regular butter, so if you used less clarified butter, you would actually be consuming less saturated fat. For every two tablespoons of butter asked for in a recipe, I would use no more than 1 tablespoon of ghee…even less is possible!

Maybe you are still confused on how to use ghee. You can use it to sauté or fry food. You could use it as a dip for your shellfish.

You could stand at your stove and try to make your own ghee from store bought butter, or you could leave it to the experts: Pure Indian Foods, whom use fresh organic butter from grass-fed cows and have mastered the technique after 5 generations of business.

Pure Indian Foods is a wonderful company with a rich, flavorful product. Go to their site today!


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