Cooking With Color

Title: Cooking With Color

Subtitle: An array of fast and fresh ideas to brighten your cooking

Author: Estee Kafra (her Blog)

Photography: ST Studio (Twitter)

Estee Kafra has produced a beautifully photographed book on the benefits of eating colorful food.  With not many books on the market about eating a variety of colors, I am so happy to see this gorgeous set of two books and the recipes are kosher.  This book has received it’s seal of approval by Gourmania, the Kosher Queen of Canada.  The recipes are delicious and easy-to-prepare with nothing that can’t be found in your grocery store.  Some of the recipes we enjoyed in this book are Quinoa Salad; Salmon Quiche; Split Pea Soup; Mini Passion Fruit Pavlovas; Grilled Pineapple and more!

Check out Estee Kafra’s website for more information on how you can enjoy colorful healthy food!


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