The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches

Title:The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches

Subtitle:Recipes, History, and Trivia for Everything Between Sliced Bread

Author: Susan Russo (her Blog, Twitter)

Photography: Matt Armendariz (Twitter)

Publisher: Quirk Books (Twitter)

Susan Russo has created a great book about sandwiches. From the familiar, peanut butter and jelly to the more exotic, Prosciutto and Fig Sandwich; sandwiches for vegetarians, omnivoresWith tips and tricks on how to make the best of your meal, from the bread to the fillings.

Susan Russo is well-known for being on NPR’s Kitchen Window, as well as her own blog, Russo is an experienced food writer. Her passion for sandwiches can be felt in this book.

Matt Armendariz is also a well-known food photographer and foodie. Having received Martha Stewart‘s seal of approval, he completely captures the beauty of Russo’s sandwiches.

Quirk Books has a place in my heart as they like to provide readers with excellent reference books, for example, The Field Guide to…Cookies; Meat; Produce; Seafood; Herbs and Spices…and many more. This book falls into another one of their wonderfully complete cookbooks.

There are sandwich books out there, but none as thorough as this one. Complete with history and trivia, as well as sandwich recipes provided for every meal, including dessert, who would not want to have this little gem of a book? The recipes were easy to follow and the end results were delicious.

Available April 5th, check out The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches, you will not be disappointed.


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